Friday, October 23, 2009

"Funky is the new black" .....

-Sarah said. In her latest article titled "Sarah's sizzling suggestions" "Photo newbie Sarah Lockwood scans the inter-web for fun, funky and interesting gadgets for fellow greenhorn togs"
I'm going to read you that much.... you can read the rest in the November issue..... Fore me is so exciting to see it on the magazine shelves, I feel like buying coffee for everyone at B&N and show everyone page # 40, yea right there.... that's me!!! ..... but I won't because my kids face will fall off and they will never forgive me.

Thank you so much Sarah for the feature, I'm looking forward to your next article!!

Well, here it is......

Thank you!! DSLR user Magazine!!

Wanna read it???

The featured products

A very special thank you to Adam Scorey Deputy Editor DSLR User/Photo Pro

**** Note.... I just got my batteries recharged after an awesome Wedding Workshop hosted by Ray Santana, Kenny Kim, Tofurious, and Becker.... I have a lot to say about that. (said in my best Forest Gump accent)



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Ellen Marie said...

Hello, one of the magazines you have been featured in is Amateur Photographer. (entry for
Ellen Eichelberger

OneLifeLiveIt said...

Have you done any new designs lately. Just saw your last post on twitter when you beeped the horn whilst your other half checked the tyre pressure.

That is something my other half does too! Your evil twin perhaps?