Sunday, July 5, 2009

Putting on the nurse hat!

I'm really not a nurse, I actually get queazy when I see injuries. This time is different. My Grandma is 95 years old. She's the cutest sweetest Grandma in the whole wide world. Last week she said she felt a lump on her hip so my Aunt took her to the Dr. After a series of tests he said she needed emergency surgery because she had a tumor. She went in to surgery to have it removed and we are still waiting on the lab results. She seems to be doing Ok.... prognosis unknown. :(
I immediately packed my stuff and booked a flight to be with her and help her in every way I can.
I can get WiFi at her house, but I will have limited access to email, I may just catch up on all your blogs.
I hope everyone is having a great summer. I know mine just got a little better because I get to see my Grandma.


Bella Valentina Photography said...

Enjoy your time with your Grandma - she'll be in my prayers!

Mamirosa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma but I hope she gets better. God Bless her.... Have a good time though and of course, this need not be said but, takes lots of pictures of her!

Mary said...

Hope your Grandma is doing well. Hoping that they removed the entire tumor and she's up and about! Enjoy your time with her. Gramdmas are gone before you know it.

Kori said...

thinking of you guys!

amancay said...

oh girl... I pray things are going well for everyone... pfy, blessings!