Thursday, April 30, 2009

I ❤ Amateur Photographer

When Richard Sibley contacted me about a review for Amateur Photographer, I was very excited. I couldn't really believe it, it didn't really register until after the second email, where he had more specific questions about my products. 
That's when I got oh so very excited and anxious, because he said he really liked them, and they would be in the April 24th issue!!!..... Ohmygosh!!!  **** a real magazine, in the UK ****

I tried not to think about because I get very nervous and I can't sleep.
Then I started calling Borders, B&N and they didn't carry the Magazine.....I was so bummed!!!
Today I looked around for digital magazines and I found it!! Here it is!!!

Today I got an email from Mr Sibley again after all my horn tooting on my facebook and Twitter... and he said he is sending me a copy of the magazine...... How nice is he???
I'm so excited!!!!!

Thanks so much Amateur Photographer... you made my day!!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break!!!

And we really NEED a break. The store will be close form April 3rd to April 10th.
In the meantime I want share the current giveaways where I participate as a vendor, so you have a chance to win a camera strap!!

They are different from each other, therefore, I highly recommend you check both of them out.

I will send out a newsletter when I comeback with a special discount code.... you may want to sign up for the newsletter on the sidebar.
Here is a picture of the new styles, neck straps and wristlets!!

I hope everyone has a great spring break. I know some states already had it, but for us it starts TODAY!!!