Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have some explaining to do.

First, I'm sorry I haven't been around much, I have been very busy, not just with work, but life in general.
I want to answer a few questions I get over and over regarding the camera straps.
Some people seem to think.......

I purchase camera straps and cover them with what you see.
That is not true.
I make every single camera strap. I have been contacted many many times by various makers and distributors of GENERIC camera straps. Some even send me samples with out asking.... I have a box full of them. (I cloned the name on it for obvious reasons) See below.
I despise these straps, they are cheaply made, very stiff. The hardware is brittle, the strap is very thin, and the velvet backing is just horrid.

These are the horrible samples they've sent me


Fugly uh??

I have also been contacted by brokers overseas to have them made in China or India. But I have too much pride, and I like making them. When the time comes to outsource, I will work with someone local, and help the local economy and NOT a broker overseas.

I cover my camera straps with ribbon and fabrics, and glue them on.
Not true. 
Every camera strap is sewn, not glued.
I purchase the finest trims out there. All the designs you see on the camera straps are woven or jacquard designs, NOT printed. Some of the designs are by some of the most prestigious textile designers. 
In my opinion printed ribbons are for hair bows, and wrapping presents, not for professional photography equipment. 

Why did you discontinue some designs?
Simply because some of them are discontinued by the manufacturer to make room for new designs. Instead of me stacking up on old designs, I purchase the new designs to bring you a fresh look. So next time you visit the site, you'll see a new one and maybe, just maybe you'll buy another one. :)

I don't have enough stuff for Machos
I have some stuff for the male population, I keep my eye out for more masculine designs and bring them to the site. Girly designs are much easier to find and readily available.
If you want me to be completely honest with you, men are harder to please than women when it comes to fashion. What I think is manly enough for a camera strap, my husband will completely disagree, but then again finds himself walking around with my camera and Leopard fur strap attached to it with no problem. ;)

Put me on your waiting list for X product
I don't have a waiting list of any kind. I wish I was organized enough to manage something like that. It would simplify my production line wouldn't it? But I don't have time to keep up with something like that.
If you see something sold out, it will comeback. I can email you.... that I can remember, but there is no such list. If you don't see the picture of the product, then it's gone for good.

You don't make lens cozies anymore.
True. Lens cozies are super easy to make. The problem is that they are custom made and that takes time. With hundreds of lenses available, it's very hard to come up with a general size and have it fit your lens properly.  I don't pre-make them so I have to retire them to use my time on things I can work on at my own pace. 
The good news is... You are going to LOVE what I have coming up. I had it ready to go before Christmas, but the teachers at my kids school asked for it and I sold all them before I could take pictures.... stay tuned!

If you have read this far THANK YOU!!
Have a great day!!