Sunday, June 22, 2008

My not so imaginary brother.

So, I closed the store for just about 2 weeks because my brother and his family came to visit us for the first time since they moved to Canada. When all came back to normal (what is normal around here?), friends, family, virtual friends (we all have them), and even some customers, asked me to share some pictures..... well some even said.. 
"I think you have an imaginary brother who you think came to visit you because of all the non sense you share, pictures of him are no where to be seen"  gasp!!!
He is real, he was here with his wife and daughter, we went to the beach, Disney, shopping, etc...
Ok, more showing, less talking.
Notice he has a camera on his hand....... 


This is what he got...... (yes, my ninja pose, and yes, I take pics with sunglasses on)


We did this back and forth, every time I picked up my camera......


Ok, enough of that...... Here are some fun pics, the rest you can see here


"No dancing around in the roller coaster"...... said Oli ....and she didn't, she just lost her cool.



My sweet nice....


I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. 


Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost American

So I took my citizenship test this morning at 8:30AM. I passed it!!!! I'm officially not brain dead yet but not officially American. I memorized all 100 questions and answers....yep I know them all..... The officer asked me 4....aaaggghhhh!!!
So I thought I would take some pictures to document the event, and they sent me right back with my little point and shoot and my cellphone too. 
I took this picture by my car before returning to the building. 

Almost American
I have been harassed by many people about my "IMAGINARY BROTHER" who came to visit and that's why the store was closed for a little bit.... HE'S NOT IMAGINARY ... I will post some pictures later.....I promise!
I'm going to see THE CURE tonight......I'm so excited!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My PPA Magazine

So, I was chillaxing outside, after a long day of "last day of school" from hell. I took my PPA magazine out with me.


I started snooping through the magazine, read a few articles and when I got to page 65 I thought..."?????hhmm...this girl looks so familiar" Does she look familiar to you???

Then I looked a little closer and ....uh?? "I made that strap"......wait a second, wait a second..... THAT"S AUDREY!!! I got so excited!!!!! Not only I made it, but it was one of the first ones I made, and She got it while I was in Chicago. I remember during the workshop she told me "you better bust your ass making more because I'm going to spill the beans".....and she did, right here She had me sweating bullets....It doesn't take too much for me to sweat bullets lately uh? With the HUGE help of Bobbie, who put together the site for me in like....2 hours... literally, I was able to sell them online to all her blog readers and more.


Thanks so much Audrey. If you read this....check your mail box, you need a new one!

Now.....I just realized that June is the 1st aniversary of My Funky Camera I got to come up with something good. How could I forget that??? I have my senior moments once in a while, but to forget the actual anniversary???? Unforgivable
There are so many people to Thank who have helped me along the way. I wish I could mention them all in one post.

Thanks everyone!!!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to work

When did I say I was going to open??? oh!.....the 25th right? Well, since I had a slight delay, the Shipping special is extended until Wednesday. I should have told everyone that the special was going to last a week, be cause they day I reopened, I sold out of a lot of them. (I was sweating bullets!!!!)
I'm working on-restocking before the shipping special is over........If I get sidetrack (with "life") I will extend it for those who have emailed me, and those who thought about emailing me.
Here is a pic of the new style, it's so pretty and the texture on the flowers is just amazing.