Monday, April 7, 2008

Project Childhood

This is more than a photo contest with a cause.  April is Child Abuse Prevention Month... Let's celebrate Childhood Together!!!! Visit PROJECT CHILDHOOD 

I'm very proud to be in the prize package along with TypePad, BluDomain, Jlee albums, and many other awesome contributors. Keep checking the prizes HERE  as the prizes keep piling up!! Do you want to win awesome prizes and support this cause at the same time??? Go check out Project Childhood and see how you can help make a difference in a child's life.

**side note**
I will pick out the winners of the "giveaway idea" this weekend so stay guys are GENIUS!!!!

"I'll also quote some of you....soooo funny"

Friday, April 4, 2008


Not senior citizens silly, but high school seniors. I once had a friend ask me if I would take her son's senior pictures, but I really had no idea what she wanted or what she expected until I saw the pictures she got somewhere else. They where taken in a studio, and the poor kid was sitting on the floor, aqua blue paper background, with a giant white 2008 next to him........
*****WHAT DA????****** 
then I saw his friends pictures, and they where all the jaw dropped.... to top it off, she paid $190dlls for a little 4x6 "proof book" of 16 textured proofs of the same blue background with....don't forget....the giant white 2008. 
I've always wanted to tap on that market but I had no idea how to start, what to offer etc.....
My good friend Natalie Bacon is a freaking GENIUS, she is the queen...I think so....of the senior market. She has always been willing to answer questions in our photography group, and now she put together a guide for us!!!! She even gets in to using Myspace as a very important marketing tool..... exterminating the stretched out arm shot of yourself, one Myspace at a time!!!! ....who knew??

I've been reading up on mine and it's very complete. She covers everything. Forms, templates, contracts, tips, poses, what to wear, packages, prices, products that sell, and a whole lot more. The most important part to me is marketing. Where to start and how to keep them coming. I really like it. If you have been contemplating the possibility of photographing seniors, here is your answer. Get it now so you are ready for SENIOR SEASON 2009.

I will be getting myself a Myspace soon!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well, so much for posting more uh?

Life gets on the way sometimes. This time in a great way!! My husband was able to take a few days off to spend Easter with us and it was very nice to have him home. 
Because of the time change between Korea and Florida, he spent a few days pacing around looking like he didn't know what hit him, and sometimes just getting up too early.

Our first Sunday morning!

We have an overstock of laptops as you can see.
I also had a great Birthday with all my loves....

We got some good Korean treats. Chili pepper chocolate, some sort of Milky Way, and money!!!
Worth about a dollar each.
Chili pepper Chocolate!!!Some sort of Korean Milky way?

Korean Money

I have a giveaway coming soon, and a new email system that I'm trying to figure out, so comeback soon!