Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Little runner

This little girl is a runner. I have learned that if you chase the kids, they run more. So, when I found the perfect spot for her picture, I had to wait for her to comeback to me.

I was challenging that day, not only because she runs all over the place, but it was cloudy, a little drizzly, and the baseball field gives a terrible orange color cast.

This is just a little sneak peek for Mom. Your proofs should be here today.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sharing sessions

People ask me...."Why don't  you don't share your sessions on your blog?"...

My answer...."cuz... (confused face)..I don't know"

This is dedicated to the Grandmas and the Great Grandmas  who can't wait to see this little angel.

Welcome baby G to this world!!!

Baby GBaby GBaby GBaby G

More sharing this week, and from now on!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


After a series of unfortunate events, I found myself with no computers, no camera, no lenses, etc..etc...and the need to continue my work and move on. I had entertained the idea of switching to Mac, so I took this opportunity to do so.

Yes, I got on the Mac wagon, and fell in LOVE with it fast. I took me one week to figure out what everything means. I have yet to find an equivalent to Windows Live writer.

I was so happy to find that I'm not brain dead ...yet....I can still figure things out and learn new things...maybe I should go back to school and learn Adobe Creative Suite before I get rusty. My Big brother came to my rescue when I started whining about how much Mac's version of Photoshop was going to cost me. So he got me Adobe Creative Suite......He's such a nice guy.....We miss him a lot, he lives in Canada, and I haven't seen him since last summer. :(

So here is the beast waking up from his sleep for the first time. I figured he was going to say welcome only once so I had to snap a picture.

 Yep, that's my language!!iGabi

On a side note. I also made a new logo for My Little Gum Drop. Even though I don't make baby gifts anymore, I still sell the Ebook instructions for the items I used to make. Banberry Place is another place place where you can purchase them. They also have beautiful European fabrics, trims and notions. This is the logo I made for them.

New logo