Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Chicago Pics

The Wienermobile!!!
While walking around Chicago, I heard a familiar song. I thought It was my stomach crying for some attention, but when I turned around, there he was, the one and only Wienermobile!! You can't see them but there where people inside waving at everyone taking their picture... Perfect Kodak my case...Canon moment.

This is my room view, I was fascinated with the round twin buildings across from my Hotel. I would LOVE to visit Chicago again.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yes, It's true!....I'm the world's worst blogger.

To my defense, I'm the best blog stalker, reader, follower, etc...!!!!
I attended a workshop in Chicago and met a group or wonderful photographers. This workshop was awesome, I knew it would be, but I really got more than I expected. Just look at my picture...Did I learn something or what???? Wait until you see the ones of a recent session.
Audrey really put light in to a lot of things that I really never thought of before, so I have a lot to think and review.....I'm good at thinking, not so good at reviewing.

Recognize this place????

Here are some cool chicago shots. Click on the picture to see ME!!!

"The Bean" Is a very cool thing to see until you see yourself on it. I look like I'm about 200 lbs......I'm really not 200lbs, I'm about 3 grams lighter. LOL

I also went to the American Girl Place.....I have to very American!!!!! That company is raking money!!! I did what every other American would do and walked out with a set of twins....the ones in the center look like my little girls.

Until Next time.......I promise I will post more often.